Hawaii Beach Volleyball

It’s a beautiful day for a game of volleyball on the beach.

When the weather is perfect, it’s easy to enjoy the day outdoors. And in Hawaii, the weather is perfect 95% of the time. Come over and enjoy the activities and scenery with us!

Mountain Tubing in Hawaii

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a mountain tubing adventure in Hawai’i.

Looking for an exciting ride in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Tubing through the mountains is a safe, family friendly ride that takes you through a lot of scenery while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Tubing is plenty of fun for family and friends alike, and a great way to spend an afternoon in Hawai’i.

You’ll see many different vistas and you can cool off in the water while you bathe in the sun. Hold on!

At the end of the ride there’s even a tunnel through the mountain. Watch the video until the end to see what it’s like…

The Best Views In Hawaii

With its sapphire seas, rainbow arches, emerald valleys and lush, tropical rainforests, Hawaii attracts people from all around the world.

It is the 50th and most recent state to have joined the United States of America. And is the only state comprised entirely of islands. The eight main islands in Hawaii are; Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui and Island of Hawai’i.

Hawaii as a whole is packed with natural scenery, warm tropical climate, public beaches, oceanic surroundings and active volcanoes. Your eyes will find astounding views, wherever you look. But to find some of the best views, you need to look at the best places.

Laniakea Beach

This beach has been named ‘Turtle beach’ as a plethora of bright green algae that turtles love. On a sunny afternoon, you can find turtles, in the shallows of water or the sand, basking in the sun. Turtles are easier to find, when the tides are small. Especially during summer, spring and fall.

The best time to visit the beach would be about an hour after the sun rise till the sunset. As turtles are mostly here for the warm sun and are not prevalent after the sunset.

Hanauma Bay

It’s is the best snorkeling location on this planet. The water in this part is really calm, due to the shape of bay. The fish are plentiful on the coral reef.

You can maybe take an under water camera with you, to capture the spectacular under water view. If you are not interested in snorkeling, then take a look at the bay from the top of the hill. You will find it spectacular. If you are to skip this place, then you better don’t go to Hawaii.

Pali Lookout

This place is not a major tourist destination but it’s well know among the locals. The Pali overlook the island giving you a cajoling view. The wind here blows strong, brushing your body and raking your hair roughly.

If you love adventure then while on the highway, look out for little dirt trails, heading off the side. You can be sure to have a rainforest adventure.

Diving With Sharks

There are several companies in Hawaii, that offers a shark cage dive. You can see over a dozen of sharks during the ten minutes that you will spend in the cage.

Going for a shark cage dive is like double bonus. You will be taken a mile away from the shore in a boat. You can always enjoy this ride, if this is your first time in a boat. After this you will be given a snorkel and put in to a metal cage.

Once underwater you will see dozens of sharks orbiting you. At times grazing their teeth in your metal cage. They are not really aggressive as they does not chum.

The views are not just limited to the above mentioned places. While taking a stroll in Hawaii, you can and will find amazing views to capture in your heart and take with you forever, wherever you go.