Hawaii Beach Volleyball

It’s a beautiful day for a game of volleyball on the beach.

When the weather is perfect, it’s easy to enjoy the day outdoors. And in Hawaii, the weather is perfect 95% of the time. Come over and enjoy the activities and scenery with us!

Hawaii Water Sports

Enjoy water sports?

Hawaii is home to the best of paddle sports training facilities and events, because the weather and scenery attract the best professionals and tourist companies in the world.

On your next trip to Hawaii, plan to take a paddle into the Pacific.

Here’s some of what’s in store for you.

Ever surfed before?

Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to learn. The perfect weather combined with a variety of beach choices for beginners makes it relatively easy to start. Because surfing is a difficult sport to learn, the best way to do it is to try to spend a week near a suitable beach and surf every day until you can consistently stand up.

Highly recommended in Kai Sallas’ Pro Surf School in Waikiki:

Where to Play Basketball in Honolulu

basketball-hawaiiBasketball has been an American pastime for decades. The increasing popularity of the sport has made many youths interested in pursuing it as a career. For others, it has motivated them to do some productive exercising.

If you’re wondering where to play basketball in Honolulu, here are several popular gyms in the area that offer performance training.

Performance Basketball Clinics

Offering a range of services, PB Clinics is one of the most highly sought out basketball programs in Hawaii. They offer a handful of services, including:

  • Ball Skills Clinic
  • Mililani Basketball Clinics
  • Personal Training
  • Hustle Basketball Club
  • Shooting Clinic
  • Youth Skills Clinic
  • Advanced Skills Clinic
  • Hawaii Elite Boys Camp
  • Hawaii Elite Girls Camp

No matter what your age is or skill level, PB Clinics works with each client to increase their performance in the sport, including accuracy and stamina.

Byron Mello, owner and coach, treats every child with care at these camps – ensuring their safety and health are put above all else. Training is a full-time career for this coach and he loves every moment of it. Also recommended are the online sports training resources at Piranha Sports Fitness.

Honolulu Sharks AAU Basketball


The Honolulu Sharks AAU Basketball team offers a nice haven for aspiring basketball stars wondering where to play basketball in Honolulu. Offering both a boys and girls team, every child has the advantage of being able to succeed in the sport here.

Training is rigorous, but fun and can teach your child valuable lessons on their basketball game. Each day prepares the team further for the upcoming tournaments they will compete in with other teams around the state. Basketball training routines can be found at the Piranha basketball section: http://www.piranhasportsfitness.com/basketball/jump-training-increase-vertical/.

OTB Basketball

Wants to learn training secrets and improve your game? OTB Basketball is the place to go! See their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/OTBparent/.

Offering 5th to 12th grade classes, this team believes in supporting their local youth in Honolulu. Each of the lessons are scheduled inside Kapolei High and other local schools, adding a sense of community to the basketball team.

Both boys and girls are allowed to participate and improve their skills – though the boy’s team is known for being an extremely athletic and elite team.

Each coach takes your needs into consideration and takes time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. From here, they can access the best role for you in the team and specific strategies to help step your game up.

Adult Basketball Courts

For adults wondering where to play basketball in Honolulu, you will most likely have to invest in going to one of the many clubs and gyms located in the area. The following list premiere indoor and/or outdoor basketball courts for anyone to play (with a membership):

  • Honolulu Club
  • JBPHH Fitness Center
  • 24-Hour Fitness
  • Central YMCA
  • Manoa Valley District Park
  • Booth District Park

Each of these offers other amenities to help with improving your shape and increasing the stamina of your game.

Plenty Of Basketball in Honolulu

hawaiiHonolulu, Hawaii is a beautiful environment filled with so many activities and courts. Whether you’re interested in playing basketball competitively or leisurely, there is a place specifically for you. If you want to see some high level basketball, you can also catch at game with the university team.

Never worry again about where to play basketball in Honolulu. There are many locations with huge courts that can help improve your game in no time. Enjoy each location if you want, just to switch the environment up and don’t forget to invite a few friends with you for a friendly game on the court.

Travel Sports Adventures in Hawaii

The mixture of climates on the volcanic archipelago brings home opportunities to visit diverse geographical spots and embark on exciting sports adventures. Among the possible top options are as follows:

Water sports adventures


Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline embraces waves breaking at high speed. The Super Bowl of Surfing gathers spectators and participants alike every November. The detonation of the sound is challenging the competitions.

Oahu, the third largest island of the Hawaiian chain, offers opportunities for stand up paddle boarding. The growing interest in the activity drives the guests of the island to experiment it. Riding the waves, too, is a vital ingredient of the fun during the exercise.

“Garden Isle” of Kauai is best known for its spectacular panorama and kayaking. Its waterfall boosts the adrenaline of kayakers. The adventure ends in a rainforest.

Snorkeling with the Hawaiian Sea Turtles is a memorable travel sports experience in the transparent Maui waters of the Hawaiian archipelago. Snorkel tours to Turtle Town are organized, too. Colorful reefs and tropical species attract tourists for scuba diving.

On the Big Island, Hawaii, fishing allows for memorable moments and opelu catch via a special local technique. Extreme enthusiasts travel thousands of miles to practice the sport and pull off.

Find out more about the best water sports in Hawaii here.

Hiking and horse riding


Hiking to Thurston Lava tube is Kilauea volcano travel adventure and a favorite sports activity for many. The first X-games (a fusion of Olympic and extreme sports) organized by ancient Hawaiians included lava sledding, among others.

Kualoa reserve offers options for horse-riding. The activity develops deep in the valley, where Jurassic Park was shot.


Riding the electric Trikke on Oahu is an innovative solution as a sports and exploration activity. Along the Central Pacific Ocean, or towards the Magic Island, the 3-wheeled tours allow for a unique experience.

The most admirable “fleet of islands”, as Mark Twain could describe it, is well-known for the Honolulu marathon, too. Skiing and snowboarding on Mauna Kea also promise unforgettable memories.