Travel Sports Adventures in Hawaii

The mixture of climates on the volcanic archipelago brings home opportunities to visit diverse geographical spots and embark on exciting sports adventures. Among the possible top options are as follows:

Water sports adventures


Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline embraces waves breaking at high speed. The Super Bowl of Surfing gathers spectators and participants alike every November. The detonation of the sound is challenging the competitions.

Oahu, the third largest island of the Hawaiian chain, offers opportunities for stand up paddle boarding. The growing interest in the activity drives the guests of the island to experiment it. Riding the waves, too, is a vital ingredient of the fun during the exercise.

“Garden Isle” of Kauai is best known for its spectacular panorama and kayaking. Its waterfall boosts the adrenaline of kayakers. The adventure ends in a rainforest.

Snorkeling with the Hawaiian Sea Turtles is a memorable travel sports experience in the transparent Maui waters of the Hawaiian archipelago. Snorkel tours to Turtle Town are organized, too. Colorful reefs and tropical species attract tourists for scuba diving.

On the Big Island, Hawaii, fishing allows for memorable moments and opelu catch via a special local technique. Extreme enthusiasts travel thousands of miles to practice the sport and pull off.

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Hiking and horse riding


Hiking to Thurston Lava tube is Kilauea volcano travel adventure and a favorite sports activity for many. The first X-games (a fusion of Olympic and extreme sports) organized by ancient Hawaiians included lava sledding, among others.

Kualoa reserve offers options for horse-riding. The activity develops deep in the valley, where Jurassic Park was shot.


Riding the electric Trikke on Oahu is an innovative solution as a sports and exploration activity. Along the Central Pacific Ocean, or towards the Magic Island, the 3-wheeled tours allow for a unique experience.

The most admirable “fleet of islands”, as Mark Twain could describe it, is well-known for the Honolulu marathon, too. Skiing and snowboarding on Mauna Kea also promise unforgettable memories.